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Mit Christina Koller

Das exklusive 1:1 Mentoring Angebot

Massgeschneiderte und praxisorientierte Ansätze helfen dir, deine Prozesse zu durchleben, Verdecktes zu klären, Unbewusstes zu erkennen, deine Ziele zu verfolgen und zu erreichen.

Fördere mittels einfacher, alltagstauglicher Interventionen deine Gesundheit und dein Wohlbefinden auf allen Ebenen.

Schliesse Dich unseren über 1000+ Kunden weltweit an

Verbinde dich mit dir

Erkenne Verhaltensmuster

Löse ungesunde Strategien 

Heilung braucht Sicherheit, Vertrauen und Zeit.
Und manchmal eine neutrale, professionelle Begleitung.



Lerne, wie Du Dein Leben verbessern kannst, indem Du:

  • in stressigen Situationen klar und fokussiert bleibst

  • krankmachende Faktoren erkennst und änderst

  • deine innere Kraft aktivierst

  • Entspannung anregst

  • Regeneration während des Schlafens förderst

  • deine Batterien wieder auflädst

Werde lebendig, atme bewusst und geniesse intensiv – starte deine Reise nach Innen.

Das sind die gesundheitlichen Vorteile von VAGUS FLOW® 1:1 Mentoring

Entspanne dich besser

Werde Leistungsfähiger

Reguliere deinen Stress

Sei kreativ & klar

Verbessere deinen Schlaf

Nutze dein volles Potenzial


Das individuelle Mentoring, das dich erwartet

Mit dieser Begleitung wird es dir möglich sein, auch stürmische Lebenswellen bewusst zu reiten. Wir erarbeiten dein persönliches Package, das exakt auf dich zugeschnitten ist. Du erhältst einen standardmässigen einen Trainingsplan, Übungsvideos, Video-Atemkurs, PDF und den Zugang zur Sanajer App. Settings in der Natur, bei den Pferden, in Guarda, in Zürich oder sogar weltweit sind möglich. 

Vereinbare noch heute ein kostenloses Kennenlerngespräch à 20 Minuten.

Es ist mir eine Ehre, für dich erreichbar zu sein.

Ich freue mich, dich persönlich zu begleiten und zu fördern

Tausche dich mit der Atemexpertin Christina Koller aus, um massgeschneiderte Antworten zu erhalten. Vereinbare unterhalb ein kostenfreies Erstgespräch.

Vielen Dank!

  • What is VAGUS FLOW®?
    In Christina Koller's first book "BREATHE CONSCIOUSLY - LIVE INTENSELY: VAGUS FLOW® and the Art of Breathing", Christina shares the insights and techniques she has developed over the years. Her principle "The quality of your breath determines the quality of your life" reflects her conviction that the breath plays a central role in our well-being. With VAGUS FLOW®, she shows how the breath helps us to stay anchored in our dynamic everyday lives and de-stress through conscious breathing without having to step out of our active lives.     Christina's aim is to promote the health and well-being of her readers through practice-orientated approaches and interventions suitable for everyday life. VAGUS FLOW® is a method that can be used anywhere. You can learn the method in a setting in nature, in her practice, online, in 1:1 coaching sessions, in groups, while travelling or from 2025 in the VAGUS FLOW® training.    The effect of this method is profound: it influences the autonomic nervous system directly via the breath, promotes resilience, supports positive thought patterns and helps to overcome negative thoughts more quickly.     Through targeted training in breathing and body awareness, readers learn to sharpen their focus and recognise their inner strength and uniqueness. Christina emphasises that the greatest challenge lies in the regularity of the practice and the integration of conscious breathing into everyday life.     VAGUS FLOW® is an invitation to discover the art of breathing and to experience the transformative power of conscious breathing. With "BREATHE CONSCIOUSLY - LIVE INTENSIVELY", you will receive a practical guide to finding inner orientation, serenity and increased well-being through the breath.
  • What training have you completed in order to be able to accompany people professionally?
    Christina Koller is a passionate breath therapist who combines her love of horses and nature with a deep dedication to improving health and well-being through conscious breathing. She discovered the gentle power of breath 15 years ago and decided to dedicate her life to exploring and teaching this valuable skill. Her journey led her to a comprehensive four-year training as a breath therapist at the Institute for Body-Centred Psychotherapy (IKP).   She combines her in-depth training with a degree in social work and 30 years of experience in the fields of spirituality and yoga. Her innovative VAGUS FLOW® method was born from this unique blend. With the founding of her company Sanajer SA, whose name means "healthy air" in Romansh, she created a platform to make this method accessible to a wider audience.
  • Can you teach me how to breathe properly?
    My answer in each case is: there is no right or wrong way to breathe. Your breath reliably reflects your current emotional state. Learn to recognise this, to read your breath, to be with your emotions. You can then consciously choose an exercise and decide in which direction you want to regulate your autonomic nervous system through your breath - relaxation or activity.    This makes it possible to become aware of your stress reactions and change them sustainably. Being with what is and waiting until the emotion changes from within is sustainable, exciting and gentle. This takes much less energy than constantly switching back and forth between an unconscious trigger and an activity with the aim of removing the unpleasantness.    Through relaxation, the natural, gentle abdominal breath, connected to the diaphragm, is given space again and unfolds by itself. The breath is like water and always wants to create the space it needs.   The breathing exercises are a training that expands your breathing space, strengthens and stretches your muscles and influences your autonomic nervous system. Regular practice is important and promotes natural breathing. But we can't practise all day long. The foundation is formed by your breath observation and your being. 
  • How did you learn to accompany people?
    My many years of basic training, ongoing further training, daily practice and life experience form the basis for accompanying people.
  • What do you think of dynamic breathing exercises such as Breathwork, Holotropic Breathwork, etc. to release trauma?
    These intensive exercises can trigger strong emotions. Experiencing and being with them can promote resilience.  I have observed that this can lead to sensory overload and a deterioration of the mental state.    Dynamic breathing exercises, such as those mentioned above, should only be practised if a stable foundation is in place and the techniques are learnt with professional guidance.    If you have never done such exercises before, I would advise against online events and large groups.
  • What do you think of substances such as ayahuasca, mushrooms and LSD to expand consciousness and accelerate life processes?
    I find the use of substances dangerous and unpredictable. These substances are often sought by people who are in a challenging life situation and want a quick transformation and a quick fix. Without a secure, stable foundation, sensory overload and re-traumatisation can quickly become overwhelming.    The after-effects can still be subconsciously felt weeks later and drive you into actions that are not for your highest good. Often the providers of such journeys are not psychologically trained and experienced to accompany the resulting crises over a long period of time. After leaving such a ceremony, you are usually alone with yourself and everything you have caused.    There are other, gentler ways to get in touch with yourself and your soul.
  • How do I manage to stay in touch with myself and feel what is good for me?
    The breath directly influences the autonomic nervous system.  By observing your breath and breathing consciously, your body awareness returns. Your breath and your body reliably show you what you need at that moment.   Thoughts are like the wind, they change quickly and do not necessarily suggest the best to you - as they are driven by unconscious emotions. 
  • Experience from my practice
    Life processes and lasting changes take time. They affect unconscious structures and behaviours and often lead us through our own abysses - which we are naturally afraid of.    We are impatient with ourselves and wish for a painless quick fix. Spontaneous healing and miracles can certainly happen - but this is usually associated with regular practice, realisation and knowledge.   At the beginning, complex and active interventions are often sought. The effect can be felt directly and intensely. However, they tend to feed our stress system and can lead to sensory overload. This does not provide a safe framework. Self-healing arises from slowness, depth and relaxation.   Simple observation of the breath and regular breathing exercises may seem unspectacular at first, but these lay the foundations for further steps towards safety.    For me, being alive means being connected with all emotions, standing with both feet in everyday life and encountering life in all its facets with an open heart. The breath is the essential force for being in contact with yourself. 
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