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Some people often complain that they wander through woods, expecting to find animals, mushrooms, berries and all sorts of interesting plants – but they see nothing at all. As a trained hunter and breathing therapist, I want to convey a deeper experience of nature and mindfulness in my hikes and awaken the senses of those who are tired of the hectic pace and noise of their lives.

Experience nature with all your senses and learn new things about plants and animals. Merge with the environment to the point that you suddenly find yourself in the midst of a heard of stags, or spot that shy deer and chamois. All around you the forest is alive with quiet snaps or crackles, a stone rolling nearby, the sounds and calls of animals and birds - previously unnoticed, becoming audible. Smelling and distinguish between scents will become easier. Sanajer’s nature experience is about teaching you how to move harmoniously in nature, so that its many facets are revealed and explored.

The Sanajer nature experiences are mindfulness hikes, combined with yoga and breathing training. Knowledge about flora and fauna is always included. Excursions on horseback are also possible, and since horses are not perceived as intruders by the game, approaching animal herds is even easier.

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