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The holistic interaction with sensitive animals, «SANAJER» with horses, promotes growth and development.

The goal is achieving a harmonious partnership in which humans and horses communicate, showing mutual respect and trust. It is always amazing to see the outcome of this close partnership with horses and personal coaching. The sessions do not focus on riding in itself.

This method is aimed at people of all ages.

I look after my animals myself on a small farm in Guarda. All horses have been extensively schooled are continually trained. Upon request working on the farm can also form a part of the therapeutic process.

Everyday chores like mucking out the stables, feeding and grooming the horses promote the human animal relationship. Sensing the mood in the herd and observing interrelationships lay the foundations for therapeutic work. The desired goals are achieved through an intensive human-animal-human relationship based on partnership, as well as the creation of an atmosphere of security and trust. The work process varies, ground work, riding - with and without a saddle, improving the seat through physical training, hiking with the horses, and much more. My services are focused on creating this type of environment and controlling the process.

If you are new to dealing with animals in therapy, the connection to general coaching may not be immediately apparent. However, this becomes clear when you realise the following: it has been proven for thousands of years that horses develop a keen sense of understanding in contact with humans. The relationship includes gestures, a few sounds functioning as language, eye contact, smell, touch and other physical reactions. There is no doubting the power of these expressions in human society, which is why they are practiced in leadership courses, personality training as well as in aiding the development of young people. Working and communicating with animals − show jumping, training shepherd dogs, guide dogs and hunting dogs, cross-country riding, motor therapy for the handicapped, etc. - also helps, as we know, with contact in guiding others.

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