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The Institute for Body-Centered Psychotherapy IKP divides breathing therapy [1] into two fundamentally different areas.

Clinical respiratory therapy deals with diseases and functional disorders of the lungs and vocal apparatus.

Breath therapy is used as a psychotherapeutic procedure. This variant is dealt with below. Breathwork is one of the alternative healing methods.

Of all bodily functions, breathing is most intensely linked to all other levels of the human being. All information that arises in the body or brain flows together into the depths of the brain stem. Every little stimulus, coming from outside or inside, changes the way we breathe. Working with your breath reaches deep inside you and harmonises you on every level.

Our breathing reacts sensitively and immediately to psychological and physical changes. Although it happens continuously and involuntarily, it is also the only bodily function that can be controlled voluntarily.


  • There are mechanical and nervous interactions between the movement of breathing and numerous body organs and their functions.

  • This movement influences the heart function, blood circulation, oxygen supply, the carbon dioxide level and thus the whole metabolism.

  • Within the human central nervous system breathing influences the conscious processes and thus sensory and emotional life.

At Sanajer we work with the "unconscious", the "voluntary" and the "allowed" breath. I combine yoga, horse riding and hiking with breathing therapy according to «IKP».

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