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🔥 Christina Koller is a passionate breath therapist who combines her love of horses and nature with a deep dedication to improving health and well-being through conscious breathing.


🧡 15 years ago, she discovered the gentle power of breath and decided to dedicate her life to exploring and teaching this valuable skill. Her journey led her to a comprehensive four-year training as a breath therapist at the Institute for Body-Centred Psychotherapy (IKP).


✨ She combines her in-depth training with a degree in social work and 30 years of experience in the fields of spirituality and yoga. Her innovative VAGUS FLOW® method was born from this unique blend. By founding her company Sanajer SA, whose name means "healthy air" in Romansh, she created a platform to make this method accessible to a wider audience.

"In times of disorientation, the breath, like a silver thread, provides inner orientation, restores physical awareness and awakens confidence in oneself." Christina Koller is always courageously exploring new paths into the unknown and has shown in an impressive way how she has mastered even the most extreme life situations. Her connection with her breath and her body has helped her to stay connected with herself and to cope resiliently with strokes of fate. For her, being alive means being connected with all emotions, standing with both feet in everyday life and encountering life in all its facets with an open heart. Her first book "BREATHE CONSCIOUSLY - LIVE INTENISELY" VAGUS FLOW®️ and the art of breathing is intended to encourage you to immerse yourself in the colourful diversity of life, explore unknown paths and write your own breathing story. Statements from Christina Koller: 🌊 I am grateful every day for the diversity and variety that life gives us. Allowing myself to savour all these possibilities, knowing where I am at home, where my roots and my happy place are. 🐴 My horses reliably make me laugh and keep me healthy. The freedom in the Engadin is unique and wild. My favourite thing to do is gallop through the woods with my hair blowing and a horse beside me. 🌲 Endless forays through the woods and mountains - with and without horses, picking berries, mushrooms and plants and observing wild animals are as much a part of me as my blonde hair and blue eyes. 🧘 Breathing, meditation and hard, constant physical labour have kept me fit. 💃 I love being alone, reading, travelling, dancing and writing. I also enjoy immersing myself in social life, exchanging ideas and being inspired. If you want to find out more: At the age of 17, I left my roots in Aargau to discover the world as a globetrotter. I lived my dreams freely and unbound. In doing so, I not only savoured the positive sides, but also experienced the challenges of life. The grimaces of the abysses gave me a good scare. In the three decades that followed, I acquired a range of valuable expertise, vast life experience and the combination of the two in tourism, social work, yoga and breathing therapy. I specialised in holistic solutions for stress management, trauma integration and personal development. "The quality of your breath determines the quality of your life" - that is my principle. What is my mission? As an expert in breathing, developer of the VAGUS FLOW® method, specialist in stress regulation, coaching for companies and individuals, lecturer and speaker with the principle: my goal is to inspire people to be courageous. Courage is needed to cross the fear threshold and the terror barrier, to explore new paths and to live their potential. I support my clients in recognising and fully exploiting their unique individuality and passion. In my search for a key to holistic well-being, I was led by various therapeutic approaches and techniques. But breath crystallised as a central factor. A few years ago, I realised the immense significance of this insight. Why breath and always breath? The breath is the most direct way to communicate with the autonomic nervous system and its regulation. The breath is the mouthpiece between the body and the brain, always available and without pathogenic side effects if we breathe more consciously and, above all, naturally. Since this realisation, I have dedicated my life to breathing - four years of training as a breathing therapist, researching it, gaining experience and passing on knowledge. Discover with me the positive power of the breath and find the path to inner harmony and well-being. What problem am I solving? We think 50-90,000 thoughts every day. These often revolve around the same nonsense and confuse our senses. When trauma, stress and stressful life situations are added to the mix, the chaos is perfect. As soon as the stress is too great, we lose our body awareness and become disorientated because we can no longer trust our instincts. This plunges us into loneliness, depression, senselessness, rigidity, guilt, shame and gives us the feeling of being stuck. Or we fall into the fight-or-flight mechanism and run to exhaustion in the hamster wheel of daily stress. Fear and panic lurk in hiding until they attack us. Unconscious stress drives us on and often remains unrecognised for too long. Until the body unmistakably says STOP. With my VAGUS FLOW® method, I support you in simplifying - internalising - deepening. Breath observation forms the foundation and shows you unmistakably what emotional state you are in at the present moment. Coming back into your body enables you to recognise when the stress cycle starts. You will finally feel your needs again. What does the realisation look like? The VAGUS FLOW® method teaches you how to focus, structure and manage your thoughts - and therefore your life. I will show you how to recognise and implement your inner strengths, talents and uniqueness. Through customised methods and strategies, as well as practice-oriented approaches, you will learn to actively pursue and achieve your goals. What do you get from me and the VAGUS FLOW® method? Tools and methods to integrate your breathing awareness into your everyday life and thus actively promote your health and well-being. Strategies to live your dreams with consistency, ease and presence. Through body and breath awareness, it will be possible to step out of the stress cycle and to recognise and release dream reactions. Healing is allowed to happen. Healing requires confronting and enduring your emotions, your shadow sides - I am happy to accompany you sensitively and wholeheartedly on this path. I hold the space for what is.



  • VAGUS FLOW® addresses the issue of stress and its consequences, such as mental and physical illnesses.


  • VAGUS FLOW® teaches how to regulate the stress-relaxation system and thus actively promote health and well-being.


  • VAGUS FLOW® promotes a state of relaxation and joy that paves the way for high performance, the greatest possible personal success, dynamism and presence, balance, a clear mind and creativity.


  • VAGUS FLOW® is diagnosis-neutral and can be used in any situation.


  • VAGUS FLOW® uses simple, everyday interventions to show how the vegetative nervous system can be used as an ally.


  • VAGUS FLOW® supports private individuals and professionals in dialogue management, crisis intervention, personality and team building, as well as co-regulation.

Respiratory therapy is registered in the EMR register of empirical medicine and recognised by the Swiss Foundation for Complementary Medicine ASCA. The costs for many Sanajer SA programmes can be covered in full or in part by health insurance.


  • Well-being and safety


  • Living in joy and abundance


  • Feeling empathy


  • Getting to know your own feelings and how to deal with them


  • Creative surfing of the waves of life

  • Reducing stress, anxiety and exhaustion


  • Overcoming obstructive behavioural patterns and trauma consequences


  • Communicating through breathing and body language


  • Breath and body awareness in everyday life


  • Alleviating psychological and physical symptoms


  • Improving mobility and coordination, even with physical limitations


  • Promote self-esteem, concentration, independence and self-confidence


  • Improves communication and observation skills


  • Leadership skills and team building


Christina Koller

Member of the Board of Directors


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